How I got an interview at MOO

I love MOO. I use them to make my Minicards, for my company, my jewellery and my personal cards. In 2013, I started to look for a new permanent role. MOO was my ideal company. After trying different ways to make contact, I finally went for awesome.

I made MOO a scrapbook.

Hello. My name is Paola.

“A creative intellectual with a capacity for good decision-making, ideally placed to develop plans and strategies that may pay off hugely in the long term” (via Belbin)

I’ve been using MOO for years.

I use MOO for the jewellery I make and sell.

Hopefully I have demonstrated that I know MOO from a customer’s perspective.

My friend asked me to make her wedding invites. To MOO!

My friend asked me to make her wedding invites. To MOO!

My friend wouldn’t have been able to use MOO herself. Why not?

I explained the process I used to create wedding invitations using MOO postcards.

I had sent my friend a list of links to the pre-designed packs. She misunderstood what the packs were and picked a single design from one of the packs.

I created something similar to her specifications. I uploaded images for the front and back of the postcards to be used as the wedding invitations.

Afterwards, I realised that my friend wouldn’t have been able to use MOO herself. Why not?

The MOO customer journey requires mad web skillz.

MOO thinks about products.

No mention of wedding invites on the products page.

Think about your products in terms of customer needs.

Group your products around needs.

Examples of customer needs.

In 1995, Barclays asked us to put their 200 brochures online.


These are the kinds of brochures Barclays Bank have today.

They’re about banking products and not about how people think about money.

I organised poducts into customer GOALS & NEEDS

Customer goals that informed the site structure and content.

When you group your products by your customer’s needs…

… new products emerge.

There is a market of independent artists (who need things printed).

And hobbyists with disposable income who need things printed.

(Ignore the left-hand pages from here. They are my portfolio in the other direction.)

Internet user since 1987. Internet consultant since 1995.

In over 40 projects I performed these tasks in these industries.

I’m a Plant / Monitor Evaluator.

Rational, Creativity, Improving, Integrating, Correcting

analytical, methodical, outspoken, imaginative, eccentric, self-reliant, helpful, meticulous, disciplined, logical, efficient, accurate, free-thinking, relaible

As a prolific thinking, you possess talents for both originating and evaluating new ideas.

What motivates me

I’ve talked to various people at MOO.

I am an unusual candidate.

What do you have to lose?

The finished package.

I sent the scrapbook in June 2013.

Three weeks later, I was invited to an interview with the Head of UX (I’d applied for that role in April!).

The outcome was a recognition that I was more suited to the product space (yah, which is why I’d written to the CPO) and that there were no roles for me at moment.

I was told that they’d keep me in mind for future opportunities.

When the brand becomes bigger than the company

My interviewer presented MOO as a B2B company that made business cards. However, any company that uses bright colours and an informal tone that includes stickers with “Yay!” on them is going to attract non-business custom too. And I think you’ll find that there are more people than businesses.

I know – and MOO know – that people use MOO for personal print projects too. They have a hugely loyal customer base. Why not talk to personal customers directly, and in the language of personal need?

MOO have already built a system that takes, prints, dispatches and supports orders; that’s the hard part and they’ve got it sorted.

Why not widen the offering – maybe through a sister site – to more customers? A new site – or changing the existing one to align with customer needs – is a relatively small thing to do to greatly increase revenue.


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